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We know that the garment place and use are never really stuck over the years. Loved, then cancelled, must-have then replaced, exclusive and then democratized, that’s the case for the cargo, a pant which is now experiencing a twist in the fashion cycle.

From formal outfits to hip-hop community brands in the 90s, we are glad to find it again in our wardrobe for casual and easy-going wear. Depending on your style, this pant has several faces. Here, you will see one way, our way, and we'll tell you why you should care.

Our collections designs lay on two goals: review and color. Therefore, they will naturally shape the creative process of our design team.



For us, it’s about changing a very classic or symbolic garment into something that fits your lifestyle and modern urban life.

How do you do that on cargo pants? Good question! It starts with the cut. Instead of a wide, loose fit, we opted for a straight cut. Thanks to that, we succeed in extending your legs without having a skinny feeling that can be uncomfortable all day long, or hardly suitable for some body types.

As belts experts, the waist had to be properly fitted to the bust. In that way, you can slide your woven belt into the right place.

What is special about cargo pants?  The addition of multiple pockets. We wanted to create a rather sober pants (as we like them at BILLYBELT) so we kept the two pockets on the thighs for style. We stuck them to avoid the magnification of this body area. That’s how we keep the cargo vibe that will fit you perfectly!

Sometimes, cargo pants can be tightened at the ankles. We have replaced this detail with a simple hem to adjust as you wish. Whether folded or unfolded, we have the same quality of finishing.

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Wearing assertive and offbeat colours is not to everyone's taste, especially for bottom pieces. We understand that very well.

However, beautiful colours can make all the difference. Our job is to give you the comfort to wear it very easily.

That's why we've carefully selected five colours that will please everyone. A deep blue, a single olive green, an armed khaki without the camouflage effect, a classy ochre, and a warm and elegant terracotta.  All these colours are timeless.

They are discreetly enhanced by brown pearly buttons to give them the assets of a classic piece.

Offered in multiple ways, you can wear it on all occasions. At first, it was supposed to be called the BAROUDEUR to give you that feeling of moving without hindrance. We came back to the simple name of "CARGO" for its obviousness and it will be the object of your favourite. That won't stop you from wandering from left to right in your urban jungle.

Wear cargo pants as you want for every moment of the day! The first time, we decided to call this range "BAROUDEUR": because this range has something like an adventurer style. But we let it out, and we choose " CARGO". It is simple and direct. But that won't stop you from darting from left to right with your cargo pants in your urban jungle 😉

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Don’t hesitate to match your cargo pants!​

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